Social Security Disability MCS EI

Are you disabled due to Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Fibromyalgia (FMS) and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?

Recent studies are showing that all of these conditions, and possibly several others, may be related and may all be caused by exposure to chemicals in the environment.

Michael Walkup, Attorney

Michael WalkupI am an attorney with over 30 years of experience in disability claims.   In 2001 I was forced to close my full-time law office due to chemical sensitivities, primarily to photocopy paper and paper products, which cannot be avoided in a typical law practice. I had also been struggling for over two decades with Fibromyalgia and, later, with Chronic Fatigue.

The problem with doing nothing is you never know when you are finished”.  Leslie Neilson

After spending several years studying MCS while on disability,  I decided, in 2005, to start trying to help others with this problem obtain badly-needed disability benefits.

I have developed a paperless electronic office and deal with my clients primarily by telephone and e-mail.  I have been able to obtain permission to do hearings by telephone both for myself and, where needed, for my clients with MCS.

Record of Success

Since embarking on this venture, I have been able to help many people obtain disability benefits, from both the Social Security Administration and from private insurance carriers.

I am allowed by the rules of the Social Security Administration to help clients in all 50 states through the hearing and administrative review stages, as well as federal court appeals.  I am able to handle insurance claims at the critical early administrative stages throughout the U.S.  I am also admitted to practice on Veteran’s claims.

To date, I have been successful in obtaining benefits for the vast majority of my clients.

I work closely with doctors and other experts who specialize in helping patients with these types of problems and who understand these conditions and the problems that we all face.

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