Why Walkup?

Personal Attention from an Environmental Illness Attorney

There are many practitioners across the country handling disability claims. You can find their websites easily on the internet.  Many of them advertise heavily on local television and in the Yellow Pages.  Under the Social Security Act, it is not even necessary that a representative be a licensed attorney.

In my experience, even practitioners who specialize in disability representation rarely see MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) cases in their practices. They are also often working for or manage high volume practices in which it is difficult to afford clients special attention.  I know – I used to have this kind of practice.

Attorney specializing in MCS disability

This is combined with the fact that many doctors are unfamiliar with MCS or may be overtly hostile to the diagnosis.  In fact, the idea that chemicals may cause illness is seen by some in the medical profession who are dependent on prescribing manufactured drugs as a threat to their practices.  As Mark Twain said: “The most difficult thing in the world to do is to try to convince a man that something is true if his livelihood depends on it not being true.”

I am now a solo practitioner working out of a home-based office due to my own sensitivities.  I take on a limited number of cases so I can better focus on my clients’ unique situations.  I am also well-versed in the special  problems presented by clients who have these rare, but very debilitating conditions.  I am constantly reading about new developments in this field.   I can work with your doctors and suggest other possible avenues that may not have been considered to better document your claim.

Perhaps most importantly, I am just like you.  I have experienced what you have experienced.  I have been there.  I understand.  I get it.