Fees & Costs


Social Security disability for chemical sensitivities

Fees on Social Security Disability claims are regulated by statute and are limited to a contingency fee of 25% of any retroactive benefits subject to a maximum (currently $6000) if the case is decided at or before the first time it is at the hearing stage.  After that, it is still limited to 25% of retroactive benefits but is subject to approval by the Social Security Administration.

No fee is charged unless the claim is successful on an SSDI or SSI claim.

On disability insurance claims, I charge an hourly fee (currently $200).  This is considerably below that charged by most attorneys and is possible only because I have been able to concentrate my practice on these conditions and have a low office overhead.  If I am also handling a Social Security claim for you, I do not charge the hourly fee for work which may overlap, such as reading medical records and reports.

Medical records for social security disabilityCosts

Under all state bar rules, attorneys cannot assume responsibility for costs associated with a case.  “Costs” refer to those expenditures which have to be paid to third parties, such as doctors, hospitals, and expert witnesses, for things such as medical records and reports, as well as any filing fees, deposition and transcript costs and the like.

In Social Security disability cases there are no filing fees unless the case has to go to federal court on appeal and no transcript costs, but we do have to pay doctors and other providers for records and reports.  It is also the client’s responsibility to pay for treatment and testing that may be necessary.

I will discuss what costs may be associated with your case in advance. It will be your choice about how much you are able to incur.  I will do what I can with what you can afford. (“Costs” do not include our ordinary office overhead, salaries, etc.)

If you would like me to evaluate your case, please fill out this information form.  This will give me a general idea of your situation.  If your case merits further attention, I will send you a longer form to fill out and return confidentially, and will follow that up with a phone consultation.  If you have a web cam, we can use it to see each other during the conference.