You Should Hire a Probate Attorney

There are many reasons to hire a Charleston probate attorney. These services will ensure creditors are paid promptly and in order. Also, a Charleston probate attorney can examine claims made by creditors, resulting in less money going to the beneficiaries. Read on to learn more about the different services offered by Charleston probate attorneys.


If a loved one has just passed away, you may not have the time to handle all the steps involved in probating a deceased person’s estate. Charleston probate lawyers can assist you with these legal matters. Probating an estate consists in opening an estate in the Charleston Probate Court. Once the estate is opened, the personal representative oversees the process, ensuring creditors are paid and will distribute property. Several deadlines are involved in probating an estate, and a Charleston probate attorney can guide you through the process.


An inventory of an estate is essential for the probate process. A list lays out the details of a decedent’s assets, including their current fair market value. These designations take precedence over all other titles if they have been designated. An inventory of debts owed, including current balances and collateral, is used to secure them.


An appraiser is often needed in estate administration to determine the estate’s value. In addition, appraisals are necessary to decide on beneficiaries’ tax liability and establish the fair market value of household goods. A Charleston probate attorney can guide these valuations. Here are the benefits of hiring an appraiser. They can save you time and money. But remember that a professional appraisal is not the same as an appraisal by a friend or relative.

Transfer of real estate

The Charleston probate court strongly recommends hiring a real estate lawyer to complete the transfer process. This lawyer is knowledgeable about the laws that govern the transfer of the real estate. The attorney will be able to help you ensure that your loved one’s wishes are carried out. The probate court follows a specific procedure for transferring real estate. A Charleston probate attorney can help you navigate this process so that your loved one’s wishes are carried out as smoothly as possible.


If you’re dealing with a Charleston probate case, you’re not alone. Hundreds of South Carolina probate attorneys are on the job. So whether you’re in dispute with a Charleston probate attorney or need to determine if a Charleston probate attorney is right for you, a Charleston probate attorney can help.


Hiring a Charleston probate attorney is not expensive. Most states do not have costly probate courts, and it is unnecessary to set up a complex trust to avoid probate. However, if the deceased left real estate. Wiles McMichael law office can help you with all aspects of the probate process, including creating a trust. Their reasonable fees make hiring them worth the investment.


A Charleston probate attorney can be an invaluable resource during these difficult times. They can advise you on all aspects of the estate business, from selling property to filing for probate. No matter the size of the estate, an experienced attorney can help you through the entire process. Charleston probate attorneys at The Wiles McMichael Law Firm are ready to assist you.

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