Auto and Truck Accidents Increase During Spring Break

There are several times during the year when highway accidents increase in number.  More drivers tend to be on the streets, freeways, and interstate highways during the holiday season, summer vacations, and spring break.  Auto and truck accidents can be devastating with minor and major injuries, and often death.  Although they are common, they are dangerous and they can lead to financial issues as well as personal injuries.  Some injuries can leave you with a long-term or life-long disability, which can leave families in financial hardships.  Even though there are awareness programs about safe driving techniques and adhering to speed limits, people will not always drive defensively and obey traffic laws.

Anyone can be a victim of a traffic accident regardless of their age or gender.  Passengers in the front and back seats can be subject to the damage that a car or truck accident can cause.  Big truck accidents often occur when your vehicle is in their blind spot.  They will merge into your lane, and you will be helpless to avoid a collision.  In a case such as this, you will need the professional service of a truck accident attorney. The trucking insurance company will want to pay you a minimum amount for your damages, which may not include any long-term care.  You may suffer life-threatening bodily injuries that could warrant care for an undetermined amount of time.  Having a lawyer can prevent you from accepting a settlement from the insurance company for far less than the value of your claim.

Any vehicle accident is overwhelming, but truck accidents are the most devastating and confusing to handle after the fact.  Because of the size, weight, and length of the truck, the injuries sustained can be the worst possible.  The harm could be grievous, and require serious compensation.  There are legal rules and theories regarding truck accidents that could change the progression of a case.  You will need an attorney to act in your best interest, and assure you that you will obtain your maximum compensation.  These cases are so complicated because of the many factors involved, and one being that there could be several individuals injured in the accident.

Spring break traffic is usually comprised of teenage drivers on their way to a fun-filled destination.  These are mostly inexperienced drivers who are unaware of the dangers they pose to others when they are even mildly intoxicated.  Television newscasters warn residents of the impact that spring break may have on traffic.  You could be very cautious at this time, but still, an accident could happen.  Teenagers drive recklessly while learning to achieve experience as a safe driver, but the increase in teen fatalities has gained momentum during spring break.  This was the case of a tragic accident at the start of spring break near one major city.

Springtime is a beautiful time of year.  Everyone looks forward to shedding their winterwear, and replacing it with swimwear.  This is the time for families to spend time at the pool or beach, go out more often, and frolic peacefully.  An exciting part of going to the beach is the drive to get there.  You must be extra careful when on the highways.  You not only drive for yourself, you have to drive for the other driver, and try to anticipate their moves.  Auto and truck accidents are on the rise, so be a conscientious driver, and stay focused on the road.  Avoid distractions by keeping noise to a minimum inside the vehicle, and making sure that all passengers are wearing a seat belt.

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