Can You Get Compensation if You Were Partially at Fault for a Motorcycle Accident?

Whenever you get into a motorcycle accident, you may incur physical injuries, property damage, and other losses associated with your accident. You will have to file a claim to pay for your losses and injuries. However, sometimes you may also be partially at fault for the accident. In such a situation, victims are confused about whether they will get compensation or not?

Additionally, in a fear that they will not get compensation if they are at partial fault, many victims do not even apply for a claim. Before jumping to any conclusion, you should speak to Palmdale Lancaster personal injury lawyers to ensure you do not miss out on any chance of getting financial compensation. 

Are you eligible for compensation if you were at partial fault in Bakersfield?

Unlike other states, California’s comparative fault law allows victims to seek financial compensation even if they are partially at fault. However, it is worth noting that you would not get complete compensation. The financial recovery that you can make will be reduced depending on the percentage of your fault for the accident. 

For example, if you were found 50% at fault for the accident, the compensation you will receive will be reduced by 50% as well. Suppose you were primarily at fault for the accident. In such a case, you can STILL seek compensation. 

To make your doubts clear, let us consider an example. Let us assume you were found 90% guilty for your accident and your total injuries and damages cost are $10,000. Now, due to your primary fault, you will get $1,000 as financial compensation for your injuries. 

Therefore, you can seek financial compensation, whether you are at partial fault or primarily at fault. The insurance company will determine the percentage of your fault, and depending on the percentage, your compensation amount will be reduced accordingly. 

Contact a personal injury lawyer. 

Your legal rights should always be protected. However, you may not have complete knowledge of your legal rights and the compensation you are eligible for. Therefore, you should consider taking help from an experienced personal injury lawyer. 

The lawyer can help determine whether you are at partial fault or complete fault. Depending on the evaluation, your lawyer will help you understand how much compensation you can get. Lastly, the lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company and ensure they do not violate your legal rights. 

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