Common Types Of Truck Accidents

One can imagine the extent of damage and injuries when a heavy truck hits a small passenger vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle can suffer severe injuries and, in some cases, even face death. Some injuries can cause you to lose your job due to a permanent disability. In such cases, it is essential to consult with a Lehi, UT truck accident lawyer to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. 

There are various kinds of truck accidents. Learning about them and cases of these accidents can help you prevent them in the future. If you are already involved in a truck accident, you must know what you are dealing with as each truck accident differs. Keep reading to find out how the most common truck accidents take place. 

Common types of truck accidents 

  • Jackknife accidents. 

Some trucks have two parts: the cab and the trailer, and a movable hitch is used to connect the two. When a truck does not get proper stopping time or has inadequate load securement, it leads to jackknife accidents. Such accidents occur because the truck is forced to apply the brakes suddenly, which causes the vehicle to fold in the shape of a jackknife. 

  • Rear-end collisions. 

Trucks are heavier than typical passenger vehicles. Therefore, they require more time and distance to stop the vehicle and avoid accidents. When trucks travel at a very high speed, they are unable to do so and thus, hit another vehicle from behind. 

  • Rollover accidents. 

In most truck accidents, the truck and its driver usually remain harmless while the passenger car occupants suffer damages. However, when a truck is going faster or is overloaded, making turns and curves can become particularly difficult. When this happens, the driver loses control, and it usually results in a rollover.

  • Head-on collisions. 

Head-on collisions occur when a truck is speeding and does not stop when traffic is coming at them. These usually happen in heavy traffic areas or congested places where there is not enough room for either vehicle. It can cause severe injuries to both drivers. 

How to get help after a truck accident 

If you are a victim of a devastating truck accident, you probably suffer from severe injuries and are worried about compensation. You can recover costs for your medical bills, including your medication, doctor’s appointments, medical equipment, hospitalization costs, etc., by consulting with an attorney. Along with that, if your injuries have prevented you from working or have caused you to lose your job permanently, you can seek compensation for loss of wages, career, and pain and suffering as well. 

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