Conveyancers vs. Conveyancing Lawyers – Which Should You Choose?

Not sure what the difference is between conveyancers and conveyancing lawyers? This article will giveyou the lowdown on this topic, providing tips for finding the right professionalto help you with conveyancing in Melbourne.

 Advantages of Conveyancers

Read on to learn about the advantages of conveyancers so you can weigh them up against the advantages of conveyancing lawyers and make up your own mind.

 Less Expensive

Conveyancers are commonly less expensive than conveyancing lawyers when it comes to conveyancing in Melbourne. They’re much less qualified, so you can get a lower price. But then again, it depends on your priorities. Maybe your budget doesn’t stretch any further than the cost of a conveyancer, and they can still do the job at hand, but they’ll be doing it in a more limited way than a conveyancing lawyer could.

 You’re Not DIYing it

This really is the worst-case scenario – getting yourself a conveyancing kit and trying to go it alone when facing conveyancing in Melbourne. It’s a legal minefield, and the chances are low that you’ll get through unscathed. So if you’re thinking of getting the kit, don’t. Get yourself a conveyancer instead. Or better yet, get yourself a conveyancing lawyer. You’re investing in your financial future here, so the costs of a kit don’t just hit your wallet with an immediate impact, as there will be ripples. No matter how careful you are, if you make a mistake, you will be personally liable for it.

 Narrow Area of Expertise

This one can cut either way. Conveyancers will claim that their narrow area of expertise means that they won’t be distracted by outside legal issues during the process of conveyancing in Melbourne. They see their job as to simply pass over the title of the property, and only things that relate to that concern them. But it depends on your definition of distracted. Is a lawyer distracted when they bring an important legal ramification related to conveyancing to your attention? What if that knowledge could save you time and money? Hiring a conveyancing lawyer who has a broader area of expertise can be handy, especially for complex property transactions.

Advantages of Conveyancing Lawyers

There are many advantages of hiring conveyancing lawyers. Read through them below to see if they’re right for you to hire for conveyancing in Melbourne. 

Greater Financial Investment

This may at first seem like a negative point until you think about what you’re getting for handing over your hard-earned dollars. When it comes to conveyancing in Melbourne, you really want the best help you can afford, as it can be a tricky, loophole-filled process. Often the standard of help you receive equates to the standard of pay you’ve given to someone to aid you.

Holistic Approach

As a conveyancing lawyer has a greater degree of training and education across many years compared to a conveyancer, they can offer a more holistic approach. Instead of just representing you for conveyancing in Melbourne, they can also help you with pre-purchase or pre-sale legal requirements too. Not to mention, they can raise the alarm should there be anything worrying in any of the paperwork.

Duty of Care

When you hire a lawyer, that person then has a duty of care to do their best to provide you with sound advice on your circumstances. They have a professional responsibility to you that in effect is what you’re paying them for, so you know you can trust what they’re telling you to do. So if you want to benefit from greater experience, training and care, it could be best to hire a lawyer for conveyancing in Melbourne.

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