Steps You Can Take to Recover Unpaid Wage from Your Employer

These days, a lot of employees do not get paid the minimum wage in Connecticut. However, victims can handle this appropriately with the help of a wage and hour attorney. If your employer owes you wages after you leave your position or they sabotage your ability to land a new job, you can take legal action against them. But, filing an unpaid wage claim is complex and challenging. To have a fighting chance, do not navigate the process on your own. Act right away by scheduling a consultation with an experienced wage and hour lawyer in Connecticut. Here is what you can do to handle your situation:

Try to Settle the Matter Directly with Your Employer

Before you get aggressive, try to negotiate with your employer. You might be able to come to an agreement with them without taking legal action. But, when talking to them does not provide you with the result you desire, you may want to consider other options to recover the wages you earned. 

Hire a Lawyer

If you do not get your boss to pay you the wages you deserve, you must seek legal action. An attorney can evaluate your case and determine the steps you can take to recover what’s owed to you. Should your boss refuse to pay your wages despite your legal action, you should let seek a court order to require them to pay. You can expect your attorney to work with you each step of the way until your issues are resolved. 

Protect Yourself from Retaliation

When you decide to seek court intervention to get your employer to pay you the wage you deserve, do not worry since it is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you. Retaliation refers to any adverse action your employer may take to punish you for making the initial complaint, involving the Department of Labor, or filing a lawsuit. 

Employer retaliation comes in many forms including disciplinary action, transfer, demotion, termination, reduced work hours, and more. But, when you experience any of this, you can seek additional monetary damages. Just keep in mind that if you wish to file a retaliation lawsuit, you must do so within a certain period. A lot of retaliation claims should be filed not more than 180 days from the date the retaliation occurred. Thus, you must act quickly to make sure you get the remedies you want. 

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