Three Tips to Help You Hire a Collection Attorney in New York

Trying to collect debts your clients or customers don’t pay is quite stressful. Your business relies on payment from your customers and when they don’t pay what they owe you, they leave you in a tough situation. If it seems that all hope is lost and you can’t get a customer to pay their bill, it may be time to hire one of the best New York collection attorneys

Naturally, people can get scared when they get an official letter from a lawyer in their mailbox. Some may want to write you a check or contact you about their debt. If you are in this situation, you need to learn what to look for and work with a reliable attorney. The following are some tips to help you hire the right debt collection lawyer:

Look for Referrals

As a business owner, you probably know some other business owners who may be in the same situation. These people may have worked with collection lawyers before. Contact these business owners and ask them if they can recommend a lawyer to help you with your case. The best lawyer to work with has a solid reputation among New York business owners and you want someone who can handle your delicate financial situation efficiently and effectively. 

Speak with Previous Clients

When you consult attorneys, ask them if you could speak with their previous clients. A good attorney wants the best for you, so they will not refuse. In fact, they may be happy to offer the contact information for some previous clients who may be willing to discuss their experience with the lawyer and their office. By speaking with previous clients, you can understand the situation a bit more clearly.

Talk About Fees

Before you hire any lawyer, you should compare rates with other lawyers in the area first. This will help you choose an attorney who meets your budget and has an excellent reputation. Ask the lawyer how they may charge you for their services and discuss when payments are due and who will pay those. You can arrange to have the fees paid after your attorney successfully collects the debt owed. Whatever your options or arrangements are, make sure it works for your situation. 

When hiring a debt collection lawyer, keep in mind that you will be working closely with them for the next weeks or months, so you need to have a good working relationship with them. You want an attorney you can trust and you feel comfortable with.

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