What are the Most Common Types of Construction Accidents in Philadelphia?

Construction is a dangerous business, and Philadelphia is no exception. Injury rates in the U.S. construction industry are high, and Philadelphia ranks among the worst in accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Philadelphia’s construction industry faces many challenges, including an aging workforce, increased federal regulation, and increased competition from other regions. In addition, construction workers are at risk for accidents when operating heavy machinery, scaffolding, or other materials on site. These types of accidents can result in severe injuries or death.

Every construction site in Philadelphia has its own dangers that can lead to accidents. There are many risks in construction. When any injuries happen at workplaces, workers’ compensation ensures that injured employees will be compensated for their injuries and medical bills. With this coverage in place, injured workers should never feel like they are walking away empty-handed. Workers can also consult with Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys to know more about their basic rights at the workplace and how much compensation they deserve.

4 Common Construction Accidents in Philadelphia

  • Falls

Construction sites are dangerous for hard-working individuals. Every day, construction workers face the dangers that come with working on the earth, whether it be falling off a ladder, getting cut with sharp objects, or slipping and falling downstairs. Falls are the most common cause of injuries on construction sites, and in 2017 alone, there were 887 reported falls in Philadelphia. 

  • Scaffold accidents

Construction sites in Philadelphia have led to a number of scaffold accidents over the past few months. These accidents range from workers who were not wearing their harnesses and fell off of a scaffold to those who were knocked off by a swinging object. About 63% of scaffold accidents reported in Philadelphia happened at construction sites, and 68% of those incidents involved workers not wearing safety equipment.

  • Crane accidents

Crane accidents at construction sites in Philadelphia are on the rise, and the cause of the increase in accidents is unknown. It is important to note that even when workers are wearing their safety harnesses, they can still be injured if they are not positioned correctly near the crane’s boom.

  • Roofing accidents

Philadelphia is one of the most popular places in the country for construction. Therefore, accidents are bound to happen. Roofing is necessary when constructing a building that will be taller than one story. Many times, workers are at risk for injuries because high winds combined with high roofs make it difficult to balance while working on the top or higher levels of a building.

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