Why you need a New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney

You’ve been arrested.

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, you’re facing serious consequences. But we can help you fight back.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in New Orleans, you need a New Orleans criminal defense attorney who knows the local court system. Heather C. Ford is there for you.

Types of Charges Heather C. Ford Handles

No matter the size or scope of the charges you’re facing, you need an attorney to help you confront them head-on. The Law Office of Heather C. Ford attorneys aren’t ones to shy away from a challenge.

They handle expungements, misdemnors and so much more. Whatever criminal defense case you’re facing they are ready and willing to assit you.

They’ll help you dissect the details of your criminal case—from the investigation to the arrest—and analyze what’s possible to build the best defense on your behalf.

Mistakes—big or small—shouldn’t define you for life. When you’re facing criminal charges, trusting the legal system to do its job is the worst thing you can do for your case.

Criminal conviction is the name of their game, but the Law Office of Heather C. Ford better at it. They’ll help you avoid jail time to put this behind you.

Criminal Convictions Come With Serious Consequences

Judges determine sentences based on sentencing guidelines. The penalties will vary depending on whether you face felony or misdemeanor charges.

A solid criminal defense can mean the difference between life in prison and a few months. Our criminal attorneys can review your case and advise you on the possibilities.

Contact a New Orleans Criminal Defense Lawyers

The criminal justice system is flawed. We want to help improve it by helping good people get justice. We don’t expect you to understand criminal defense law—that’s why we’re here.

It all starts with taking the first step. Don’t waste another moment. Get valuable legal representation when you need it the most.

Contact the New Orleans Criminal defense lawyers of The Law Office of Heather C. Ford today.

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