What Are the First Signs of Divorce?

Even a healthy relationship has its highs and lows.

Just because you’re experiencing marital problems or going to marriage counseling doesn’t mean you’re headed for divorce. But since more than half of all marriages end in divorce, how can you tell when serious trouble is coming?

But when a couple is nearing the inevitable end of a marriage, some subtle cues indicate divorce is not only possible but also likely:

  • Discontent
  • Frequent disagreements
  • Infrequent intimacy
  • Sudden or drastic behavior changes
  • Changes in priorities or values
  • Reduced communication
  • Living separate lives

If you’re concerned about the adverse effects an impending divorce could have on your life, your kids’ lives, or the lives of your family members, speak with a Miami divorce attorney to prepare yourself legally, financially, and emotionally.

Most Common Triggers for Divorce

The most common reasons people decide not to stay married include:

  • Lack of commitment to the marriage
  • Infidelity and extramarital affairs
  • Financial burdens or disagreements
  • Getting married too young
  • Abuse or domestic violence
  • Substance abuse or addiction

While these triggers are commonly cited as the last straw or deal-breaker that leads to divorce, there are other things you should watch out for, and each serves as a possible sign your marriage likely won’t last.

7 Warning Signs Divorce Could Be Around the Corner

People don’t typically come out and tell their partner they’re considering divorce until they’re sure of their decision and are ready to file.

Many people don’t discuss their plans and slap their spouse with divorce papers out of the blue.

This leaves the responding spouse disappointed and emotionally wrecked, making them one step behind the filing spouse when it comes to preparing themselves for the legal process before them.

Watch for these common signs of divorce to prepare for the road ahead.


An unhappy marriage doesn’t simply mean difficult days or occasional marital arguments. Everyone experiences unhappy moments or days during even a successful marriage.

However, when married life lacks happiness overall, it usually feels like the problematic parts of the relationship heavily outweigh the joys and there is a lack of emotional support for each other.

It may seem like a given, but when one or both spouses are unhappy in the marriage, this is a sure-fire red flag that divorce is imminent.

Frequent Disagreements

Marriage is a partnership. It takes a certain amount of agreement and compromise to keep moving through life’s events when you’re legally joined.

When spouses disagree on almost every decision or everyday deliberation, it’s nearly impossible to move forward in such a high-conflict environment. One or both spouses eventually grow weary of the fight and throw in the towel.

Infrequent Intimacy

While sex is a part of intimacy, it’s not the only factor. Research shows that intimacy between two spouses is essential for people to feel connected in a marriage, including physical affection and other expressions of love.

When physical intimacy becomes infrequent for long periods or stops altogether, relationship experts say this is a bad sign, makes a spouse feel lonely, and could mean marital trouble ahead.

Sudden or Drastic Behavior Changes

Spouses usually know each other pretty well, and one can typically tell when something isn’t right in the other’s behavior. Sudden changes in behavior—or even drastic changes over time—can signify your marriage’s jeopardy.

Maybe it means someone is hiding something like an affair. Perhaps it means one partner is actively creating distance in the marriage.

Either way, an abrupt or extreme behavior change will alter a marriage significantly and can mean the union is headed for a permanent split.

Changes in Priorities or Values

When two people marry, they likely already have conversations about their values and priorities and how they will move toward their future with these things in mind.

However, when one person has a change of heart regarding important priorities—where the couple will live, if they’ll have children, religious affiliation, lifestyle choices, etc.—this can throw a big wrench in the relationship.

If a couple can’t agree on fundamental decisions in a long-term relationship, it will be challenging to move forward in the marriage.

Reduced Communication

Communication is critical, so the saying goes. Couples with open and honest communication tend to have healthier, life-long marriages.

On the other hand, when one partner refuses to communicate—whether it’s due to resentment, lack of empathy, or a general lack of care for the other partner—the marriage will struggle to stay afloat.

Living Separate Lives

Some relationships survive the couple living separately, mainly if one partner’s job requires a lot of travel. However, when one or both spouses unnecessarily separate daily and spend time together infrequently, this could signify relationship struggles.

Whether sleeping in separate bedrooms, vacationing alone, making excuses to avoid date nights, or just never finding the time to eat dinner together, living divided lives can often lead a marriage toward divorce.

Speak With a Miami Divorce Attorney Today

If you’re considering a divorce or suspecting your spouse might be, time may be of the essence.

Being prepared with legal representation and the advice that comes with it will help you organize yourself, prepare a possible exit strategy, and mitigate any losses you could incur during your divorce.  The attorneys at Vasquez de Lara Law Group are ready and prepared to take your case today.

Speak with an Miami Divorce Attorney to discuss your marital assets, goals for custody or child support arrangements, and any major trouble or disputes you foresee in possible divorce proceedings.

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