Whose Fault Is It if I Get Hit on the Side in a Car Accident?

You might be wondering where the courts and authorities would place the blame if you were to get hit on the side by another car. You may also wonder if you could be entitled to any monies from a personal injury suit. The answer is not a quick and clear-cut answer. An attorney would have to look at the situation to give you an idea of what might happen. These are some factors that will play a role in the outcome.

Where the Incident Occurred

Your Longmont car accident lawyer will want to know where the incident occurred so that he or she can get a better grasp on what happened. Did the accident occur in a parking lot, or were you on the highway? How fast were you going? What are the events that led up to the incident? Those are questions your attorney will want to ask of you.

If There Were Any Traffic Signs

The next thing to consider is whether traffic signs or lights were involved. The other driver might be at fault if he or she did not wait for eight seconds at a stop sign before barreling out into the road. Likewise, the other driver could be at fault if that person chose to drive despite a yellow light from a stop sign. Yellow lights call for yielding. Therefore, a driver is supposed to slow down when that person sees a yellow light.

If Anyone Was Distracted or Inebriated

Distracted driving is a huge cause for concern these days. You or the other driver could be guilty of the incident if you were distracted while you were driving. Distraction can occur for many reasons. One of the most common scenarios in distracted driving incidents is that the driver was texting or talking on the phone while driving. Other distractions include in-vehicle DVD players, flirtations, and side conversations with other passengers. The incident could be anyone’s fault if distracted driving was involved. Make sure you talk to your attorney about that matter soon.

Whether Neglect Was Involved

To qualify for personal injury compensation, the attorney has to show that the other party was guilty of negligence. Negligence involves taking actions that are not in other people’s best interest. For example, driving drunk is an excellent example of neglect because it shows a complete disregard for other people’s safety. Another example of neglect is distracted driving. Reckless driving is another clear-cut situation that involves neglect. Your case will be in good standings if you or your attorney can prove that the other party was guilty of neglect of some kind.

Whether Both Parties Shared the Guilt

You might be wondering if you could still get a settlement even if you were partially at fault for the incident. The short answer is yes. In Colorado, the courts deduct the winning party’s settlement by his or her percentage of fault. You might still be able to collect a settlement even if you were almost half at fault for the occurrence. Your settlement amount would simply be reduced by your percentage of fault. For example, you would only get $70,000 if you were 30 percent at fault and won a $100,000 settlement. It will be worth it to talk to a specialist who can review your case appropriately and then let you know if you qualify for compensation.

Schedule a Consultation With an Attorney

Now that you know all the factors involved with a personal injury automobile case, you know that it might be possible for you to get a cash settlement. Contact a reputable attorney and talk to that individual about your case to see if it’s valid.

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