Is It Time To Say Goodbye? 4 Signs a Marriage Is No Longer Viable

Although divorce is common (with about half the couples ending marriages), the act is still emotionally hard. Most couples desire to stay together, trying to make life work; however, sometimes relationships change too much. Couples have grown apart. Life has created wedges that hinder the authentic emotional connection. Ending the tie could be what both people need to heal and feel better. If you’re wondering if it’s time to say farewell, consider the following four things.

Are You Still Attracted to Each Other?

When you fell in love with one another, that strong attraction pulled you together, encouraging you to spend time with one another. Days were filled with quiet dates or watching television. No matter the activity, you both shared a mutual feeling for one another of affection and enjoyment. It’s essential that you both still desire to be together, having fun and cherishing conversation and time.

Physical appeal is also essential. While that may change as the relationship grows older, both people should find each other attractive and desirable. If sex is missing or physically pull is gone, it may be time to move on.

Do You Argue Constantly?

Even couples in a healthy relationship disagree, fighting over bills or life decisions. After all, it’s two different people trying to coincide. That alone is a bad thing. It can be good for people to express their opinions, working together to come to a resolution. If the disagreements become hostile or never end with a positive outcome, there may be an underlying issue or concern. A therapist may be able to help you work it out, or it may be time to say goodbye.

Are You Daydreaming of Another Life?

You should want to be with this person–at least most of the time. If your mind is picturing you somewhere else, there’s a problem. Goals have shifted, or the relationship has lost the ability to connect the two of you. When this happens, find a Tampa divorce lawyer who can assist you in starting anew.

Have You Lost Trust in Each Other?

Both people must have mutual respect and trust. Without it, healthy connections are unlikely. Instead, someone is chronically worrying about the other. If infidelity or poor choices have broken this bond, help is needed or a separation.

It’s not easy to accept the loss of a marriage, but that decision could be the only way to find the right path. Sometimes it’s better to end something that isn’t working out. Consider whether the relationship is good for the soul and mind. If it’s not, then seek help from professionals who can assist you in starting over.

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