Common Reasons for Getting a Divorce

Are you thinking about filing for a divorce? This is more common than you might think and there tend to be a few underlying reasons that are the most prominent for getting a divorce. Regardless of your reasoning, you’ll want to have a competent lawyer such as those at Tully Rinckey Law.

Money Issues

This is right at the top of the list for why a couple wants to get a divorce. This is especially the case when the two individuals have widely differing ideas on budgeting and spending. The traditional idea that a man upholds his worth in marriage through his ability to make most of the money has been challenged by the fact that more women are working out of the home and some are making more money than their spouses. This can cause stress along with feelings of doubt and resentment.

Addiction Issues

When one or both spouse(s) have an addiction, this tends to take a serious toll on the marriage. It can be something that’s more conventionally thought of as an addictive thing such as alcohol or drugs, or it can be that the individual is too tied to their work or seeks out sexual experiences obsessively. If the couple decides that they are unwilling or unable to work together to resolve these problems, they’ll decide it’s best to separate.


If one or both partners cheat physically or emotionally, it leads to a big rift between them. Social media in recent years has made it easier to connect with people you wouldn’t ordinarily talk to, and it’s also easier to hide it in some ways. An already weak relationship will be put at risk and if the couple can’t get through the betrayal and trust issues, divorce is likely.

Divorce can be an incredibly stressful, drawn-out process. When you have the assistance of attorneys like Tully Rinckey and their team, you’ll stand a greater chance at getting through it without as much stress and be able to ask for what you want with confidence.

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